About us

John and Marie have strived to present to the Northern Michigan area, a "body art studio"
where anyone, of any age is welcome and made comfortable to visit.

Much teaching is involved in their studio, as they feel, their customers deserve to be aware of
the end result of their decisions in the placement and choice of tattoos and or body piercings....

Customers under 18 are welcome with their parents/or legal guardian....John and Marie- offer
unsurpassed guidance and after care instruction for each customer,for young clients, the
parents approval and inclusion in all decisions, along with aftercare instructions is on top of
Pour Boiz Tattooz list.. for anyone under 18 years of age.  Sometimes our advice on placement,
of your design and sometimes just your design, may sound like we are tryng to be your
parents.....we aren't ....
.this is permanent, and we feel it is our job to make sure.. you are sure
the design and placement is ...what you want to live with, and that it won't affect a job
opportunity, your employment now or in the future.

Follow-up and "help" is always available for any of our clients. And yes; even those of you who
have gone elsewhere....and just need some advice.....stop in or call us at the studio.
John and Marie Ritchey have been together now for over fifteen years.......operating Pour Boiz Tattooz. They were one
of the last tattoo businesses allowed to operate in their home in Kingsley. John has tattooed for over thirty years in
the area and has become one of the best known "Fine-line and cover-up artists in the Northern Michigan area. He has
in the past four years expanded into  "Portrait" work along with scar cover-ups......He has more to come.....with
introducing cosmetic tattooing in the near future...

Marie has been a Licensed Practical Nurse and an EMT for the past 35 years here in Traverse City...and has added
Full Body Piercing to the business in the past 10 years.

Lady Em has joined our studio this year...please check out her page ...

They go to a number of conventions,and seminars throughout the year and keep up on current changes in the
The studio has the respect and seal of approval from the Grand Traverse Health Department and welcome anyone; to
call them to inquire.....and also to stop by anytime.

***You do know it is illegal to tattoo and body pierce without a license in Grand Traverse County.....even on
yourself...... you must be licensed and be in a business not a home... working........contact the health department or
you can even bring their equipment in to us...........and get a free tattoo..............!!!!!!
Encourage your local pawn shops to NOT sell tattoo and body piercing equipment to  unlicensed individuals..Help us
keep the Grand Traverse Area safe and professional................
Settings # 1 and 2 for this Frezetta piece.....
a little bit about us